Some Safe Haven

Mikael Suomela
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My first outing as leader, Some Safe Haven is an instrumental EP with influences from rock, pop, brazilian music and a touch of jazz.

Open Skies is a funky rocker, my homage to melodic progressive rock compositions. It has hints of 80’s and 70’s in it. I like to move with those chords! You could say that I tip my hat to Pekka Pohjola and maybe even Randy Rhoads with this one…

Some Safe Haven is a ballad that I wrote many moons ago. It is a beautiful, serene pop tune.

Muumismi is the way I like to approach brazilian styles, it has that samba/bossa -feel to it, it is light and airy – but still, I sneak a bit of jazz and rock in there.

The closing tune Fleeting Memories is a very 80’s melodic rock thing. Synths and maybe even a a slight Police influence in there?